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Meet our CMA: Mateen Riaz

Meet our CMA: Mateen Riaz

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself/ What is your role?  

A: “I am the ServiceNow Certified Master Architect on the team. I have been in the ServiceNow space for seven years and I have worked with small and large partners. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, I saw an opportunity for growth and decided to take the leap and start IntegrityPro Consulting. One of the biggest driving factors, having been at a few different organizations, I felt my values and viewpoints diverged from the perspectives of those organizations. I wanted to build an organization for the people and at the most fundamental level, establish integrity with both my team and our customers.” 

Q:  When did you start working at IPC? How have you seen it grown since you joined?  

A: “Day 0. If we use the seed and tree analogy, I would say IPC has grounded its roots, grown a stable trunk, initial leaves, and has begun to grow branches to expand its presence. Although the primary focus was in the federal space, IntegrityPro has stood up a commercial delivery unit and is experiencing significant growth in the commercial space. IPC experienced 1830% annual-revenue growth and 333% employee growth since its inception. It was important for us in our first year to position and enable the right leaders to drive organizational growth. The core leadership team has set itself up for strategic, organic growth for many years to come!”  

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at IPC?  

A: “The always grateful and positive mindset of the entire team! I have never worked with a group of people that is more uplifting of one another, always have each other’s backs, and passionate to deliver great experiences to our customers and partners. This is a rare and unique team that motivates me to work even harder every single day!”  

Q:  How do you think IPC adds value to the ServiceNow industry?  

A: “IntegrityPro brings a unique perspective to the ServiceNow ecosystem. Our leadership team brings many years of experience from both the public and private sectors working with large organizations. We pair that with small business flexibility and agility to deliver world-class outcomes, effectively driving the most value in the least amount of time.”  

Q: What do you want clients to know about you or about working with you?  

A: One of IPC’s core values is Integrity. We firmly believe that the success and health of any relationship—regardless if it’s with our clients, our partners, or members of our team—at the most fundamental level, is dependent on Integrity. IPC is committed to delivering value on the outcomes set by our customers by bringing the right ServiceNow experts to the table every time.  

Q:  What is the one thing you want clients to understand about the ServiceNow platform?  

A: “ServiceNow is no longer the tool it was years ago when it was first introduced. It is a robust platform that provides capabilities to enable and improve any application within your organization. ServiceNow really does make the world of work, work better. As current CEO Bill McDermott would say – “ServiceNow makes work… flow.”