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Customer Service Management  |  Communities
By: Cara Grady


ServiceNow Communities enable you to connect, engage, and collaborate with employees, customers, partners, and prospects. Users and customers get quick responses to their issues by posting questions, reviewing blogs or videos, and searching for previous discussions. It is an essential component of self-service strategy, Knowledge Bases, and the Service Catalog.

An online Community is a gathering of people interacting and collaborating toward a common goal. A successful online Community attracts and retains the right people; those right people collaborate regularly and productively to produce rich, highly relevant content.

Communities provides a personalized, self‑service experience for every customer. Their profile, cases, products, services, and notifications are there for real‑time access. Customers get the information most relevant to them by engaging with peers and experts and from contextual searches. A customer‑specific activity stream ensures they only get their desired updates.



What are the benefits of Communities?

  • Solves issues quickly – provides customers and employees with a simple way to crowdsource answers for improved personalized self-service.
  • Get actionable insights – gain visibility into customer and employee needs and issues to better guide your business.
  • Lower your costs – resolve common issues and discover new solutions to increase service efficiency.
  • Keeps information current – maintenance on knowledge articles with knowledge sharing.
  • Ongoing Customer engagement – authentically engage and forge a meaningful bond with the customers.
  • Decrease volume of inbound support calls.
  • Higher Customer retention – increased customer satisfaction.


Value of Communities:


What are the features of Communities?

  • Forums and Topics: A forum is a place for users to share content, exchange notes, ask and answer questions. A topic is a common area of interest and can be associated with one or many forums.
  • Subscriptions: Subscribe to forums, topics, and content. See and react to new content quickly in your activity feed.
  • Harvest knowledge: Turn community solutions into knowledge articles easily to expand your self-service content.
  • Case integration: Escalate unanswered questions into cases manually or automatically using workflows.
  • Gamification: Use points, levels, and badges to make participation fun and encourage engagement.
  • Feedback: Community users can provide feedback on the content they have access to in the community. Helpful feedback is associated with the following content types when a community users marks content as helpful: Blog, Video, Documents, Answer, Comment. Upvote feedback is associated with the Question content type when a community user marks a question as helpful.


What Content Types are available?


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