Safe Haven

by IntegrityPro Consulting

Identify. Resolve. Protect.

Safe Haven

by IntegrityPro Consulting

Identify. Resolve. Protect.

Safe Haven optimizes and consolidates the various processes associated with facility security. It allows physical security departments to maintain records, write security reports, dispatch security officers, and manage employee shift schedules using a single application. Safe Haven provides a user-friendly interface for security department employees, as well as the facility’s non-security staff members. This application is intended to be used by ServiceNow customers to improve and maintain the physical security of their organization’s facilities.

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Optimize and consolidate
facility security processes.
This video provides brief highlights of the Safe Haven application.

Staff Portal

A user-friendly staff portal allows non-security staff members to create and submit requests from their desktop or mobile device. The staff portal allows staff members to view notifications detailing the status of their requests.

Call Handling

Safe Haven allows customers to reduce the time needed to carry out security procedures and eliminates the need for multiple communication channels. Officers can provide real-time status updates during the call handling process, allowing dispatchers to optimize officer utilization and ensure the fulfillment of all staff requests.


Improve Data Creation and Maintenance

Safe Haven provides an easy way to create, store, and share records in a timely manner, while reducing the time spent on logging information and limiting data access to the appropriate personnel.


Analytics and Reporting

Safe Haven’s customizable analytics dashboard reports historical and current data pertaining to calls and timekeeping. Administrators can apply filters and switch between various graphical display types to assess the security of their facility and measure the performance of their security department’s employees. 



Safe Haven allows customers to optimize their physical security procedures while managing their security department’s time clock all within a single application.  

  • Employee Shift Scheduling: Supervisors can use the Time Clock functionality to schedule shifts for employees. 
  • Clock In/Out: All employees can clock in and out of scheduled and unscheduled shifts. 
  • PTO Requests: Employees can create PTO requests that are subject to approval by a supervisor. 
  • Shift Swap Requests: Employees can create requests to swap shifts with another employee.  

Item Tracker

Safe Haven’s Tracker Studio allows dispatchers, supervisors, and site supervisors to create and edit trackers, while the Trackers tab allows all officers to add, remove, and edit records on the tracker. Trackers are essentially simplified database tables consisting of a few field types, allowing ease of use for non-technical users. 


Briefing Generator

Safe Haven provides the ability to manage briefing templates and generate briefings from a template with a single click. Briefings are documents that contain all the information about what has occurred during a shift that is necessary to pass along to the next shift such as the officers scheduled to work, any tracker with information, ongoing calls, and custom notes items allowing the officer generating the briefing to input any additional information needed.

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