IntegrityBit: Safe Workplace Suite

Workplace Service Delivery  |  Safe Workplace Suite
By: Philmon Woldeghiorghis

What is Safe Workplace Suite?

ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Suite provides organizations with the essential needs and services for reopening their workplace and supporting the health and safety of their employees. Safe Workplace applications can be used together to automate workflows for determining your employees’ readiness and needs for returning to work, preparing sanitized and socially distanced workspaces, and managing the inventory of safety equipment for your workforce.

Capabilities – The Benefits of Safe Workplace Suite

With Safe Workplace Suite, organizations can:

  • Evaluate workforce readiness through employee surveys before they return to the workplace.
  • Arrange clean, socially distanced workspaces and manage employee arrival shifts for a safe return when offices are ready to open.
  • Ensure that sick employees stay home and that healthy employees use PPE.
  • Minimize transmission of infectious diseases and identify affected employees at the workplace.
  • Support safe travel by verifying destination conditions, monitoring health status, and keeping a contact log.
  • Get a comprehensive view of workforce and workplace readiness for the return to workplace process.
Employee Readiness Surveys

Surveys can be utilized to help gauge whether employees are ready to return back to the workplace or not. These surveys may consist of questions to get insight into how employees feel, whether they’re comfortable returning back to the workplace, their current health status, and underlying concerns such as personal health, family obligations, and anxiety about workplace safety. Once employees have filled out the survey, organizations will be able to properly measure the steps needed to ensure employees feel safe and comfortable once they return back to the workplace.



Employee Health Screening

Employee Health Screening allows organizations to screen their employees before entering the workplace, ensuring compliance with organizational entry requirements. Based on the organization’s criteria, this will allow organizations to determine whether it is safe for the employee to enter the workplace or not. Organizations can also use a reporting dashboard to view trends by sites and record the return of users into their  workplaces.


Workplace Safety Management

With Workplace Safety Management, organizations will be able to quickly configure sanitized and socially distanced workplaces, and create safer, managed processes for the return of their employees and keeping their workplace open. Workplace Service Managers will be able to:

  • Reserve available workspaces for employees in shift.
  • Schedule workspaces for disinfection before and after employee shifts.
  • View how many of the available workspaces have been reserved by utilizing reports and dashboards.
  • View of all cleaning task statuses in real-time, including a full audit trail history.


Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Organizations can manage workplace needs for safety equipment and monitor the availability of PPE at different locations, fulfill employee requests for PPE, and track PPE assigned to employees with Workplace Personal Protective Equipment Inventory Management. Dashboards will provide Workplace Service Managers with a comprehensive view of:

  • Inventory by each facility.
  • An aggregate scope of the entire workplace.
  • Historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time.

Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate and real-time inventory management.