IntegrityBit: Workforce Optimization

Customer Service Management  |  Workforce Optimization
By: Dylan Ngo

What is Workforce Optimization?

Workforce Optimization (WFO) for Customer Service is an application designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support teams. This application facilitates streamlined communication and collaboration among team members, promoting a cohesive and responsive approach to customer queries. Additionally, it provides analytics and reporting tools, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their customer service operations. This application allows organizations to assign work, manage employees’ skills and schedules, and measure team performance more efficiently. As customer service teams must constantly balance various tasks to ensure high customer satisfaction, Workforce Optimization provides teams with the tools they need to address the constantly evolving demands and the service standards they encounter daily.


Benefits of Workforce Optimization

  • Improved efficiency: WFO allows organizations to strategically allocate and support employees based on the provided analytical insights. This helps to ensure optimal staffing levels at all times to provide optimal returns on company resources.
  • Enhanced productivity: WFO provides automation solutions to repetitive and time-consuming tasks and provides a closer look into employee productivity by identifying and closing gaps in their performance.
  • Increased savings: By providing perfect employee capacity, WFO can prevent issues such as overstaffing and allow companies to explore new revenue opportunities.
  • Improved customer service: WFO provides insight into customer and employee behavior to help organizations provide better support to their workforce and provide strategies for retaining customers.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Employees that are working at optimal levels can do more with less and achieve better results with WFO.

Key Features
  • Omnichannel optimization: Offer omnichannel support to connect with customers on their preferred platforms and monitor the conversations to track capacity utilization.
  • Coaching and training: Evaluate your team’s performance and establish coaching strategies to enhance their skills.
  • Dynamic scheduling: Manage employee shifts to help ensure staff are always available.
  • Performance reporting: Organize your teams into assignment groups where you can use key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyze their performance from a central location.

Where can I get Workforce Optimization for Customer Service Management?

Install Workforce Optimization into your instance by installing the Workforce Optimization for CSM Configurable Workspace (sn_csm_wfo_workspa) plugin. This plugin also activates all the other dependent plugins that enable users to utilize the dependent Channel Management, Scheduling, Coaching, and Teams applications.