IntegrityBit: Workplace Case Management

Workplace Service Delivery  |  Workplace Case Management
By: Tiffani Ortiz


What is Workplace Case Management?

The ServiceNow Workplace Case Management application streamlines the processes of tracking and resolving workplace cases by enabling organizations to establish predefined steps for request fulfillment. Fulfilling employee workplace requests, from IT support tickets to Facilities Management requests encompasses a series of intricate backend operations, such as scrutinizing request types, directing the requests to human or automated responses, securing any necessary approvals, and more. With its integration capabilities, automation features, and analytics, Workplace Case Management empowers organizations to provide a seamless and productive workplace experience.

Why do we use it?

The Workplace Case Management application elevates employee and fulfiller productivity by providing businesses with the means to standardize the documentation, communication, and resolution of workplace inquiries and requests. It facilitates task assignment and tracking, resulting in improved communication among fulfillment teams. By offering a unified platform for employees to submit and track cases, tis application improves both the transparency and responsiveness of an organization’s case management practices.

Configuration of Workplace Case Management:

As an administrator, you can set up case types and categories that are specific to your organization’s needs as well as workflows and approvals to automate processes, improve response times, and reduce the number of manual tasks.

As a Workplace Case Administrator or Case Manager, you can undertake the following tasks:

  • Customize Workplace services.
  • Design Case templates for workplace cases.
  • Develop Task templates for workplace assignments.
  • Establish Record producers and associate them with a workplace service.
  • Set up Approval options, specifying the required approvals for a service activity.
  • Generate Workplace Service Activities, including tasks, approvals, and sub-cases.

Workplace Case Dashboard:

ServiceNow’s Workplace Case Dashboard provides an overview of an organization’s workplace case handling. It offers real-time insights into the status of various cases, facilitating better decision making and resource allocation. This dashboard enables the efficient tracking, prioritization, and resolution of issues with intuitive visuals.