IntegrityBit: Workplace Space Management

Workplace Service Delivery  |  Workplace Space Management
By: Jakob Wiant

What is Workplace Space Management?

Workplace Space Management allows organizations to digitize workspaces and office buildings for comprehensive management of owned space, plan and allocate spaces to individuals/groups, utilize past data to track trends, and create what-if scenarios based on building, floor, and/or room.

Where does Workplace Space Management come from?

Workplace Space Management is part of the Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) Suite offered by ServiceNow. The suite is designed to house and facilitate all various kinds of office-based service requirements. Workplace Space Management handles the organization of space-based services, but the suite also includes products to handle services like ordering supplies, reporting maintenance issues, or requesting cleaning.

Why do we use Workplace Space Management?

Workplace Space Management’s driving goal is to supply users with the ability to find and reserve office space (desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, etc.). Workplace managers can perform space-related actions on space divisions from regions/sites all the way down to rooms/desks. These actions include measurement (size and unit), assignment of a cost center, designation of a workspace as flexible or permanent, configuration of a workspace as reservable, and updating existing workspaces.

Using the Workplace Space Management application allows for easy optimization of existing space layouts, potential reduction in company spend on real estate, and data driven conclusions for future real estate growth/need. The application performs best when implemented alongside the Workplace Safety Management and Workplace Central applications.

Where can I get Workplace Space Management?

Install Workplace Space Management directly into your pre-existing ServiceNow Instance by downloading the application from the ServiceNow Store. It’s available as part of the Workplace Service Delivery Suite or as a stand-alone application. Workplace Safety Management is required as a plugin to install both the WSD Suite and just the Workplace Space Management application. The ServiceNow instance chosen to contain the Workplace Space Management plugin must be in San Diego or later versions for compatibility. For more information visit the ServiceNow Store website.