IntegrityBit: Workplace Visitor Management

Workplace Service Delivery  |  Workplace Visitor Management
By: Athena Reed

What is Workplace Visitor Management?

Workplace Visitor Management is a solution within the Workplace Service Delivery Suite that allows organizations to streamline their visitor management processes. This application facilitates efficient methods of registering visitors, providing them with necessary information and access, managing them once they are on location, and tracking the status of all registered visitors.

Visitor Registration

To register a visitor, an employee can submit a request in which they will specify the visit details such as name, email, organization, visit date and time, and length of visit. Employees can register other company employees, such as an offsite colleague, or they can register external visitors by either selecting a name from a list of known visitors or by creating a new visitor record. On the registration form, the registering employee can specify a visitor’s parking preferences, provide license plate information, denote whether the visitor will need Wi-Fi access, and indicate whether the visitor is a VIP. Additional notes can be added to provide information to the reception desk about any other needs the visitor may have upon arrival.

Once the form is completed and submitted, the visitor will receive a notification containing the details of their registered visit, including the visit’s dates and times. If the organization has visitor policies in place, a separate notification can be sent to the visitor requesting their review and acknowledgement of these policies either prior to the visit or upon arrival.

Managing Visitors

Upon arrival, visitors can proceed to the reception desk to check in and pick up their badges. The employee that registered the visitor will receive a notification that the visitor has arrived. Should the visitor not be able to make the requested visit, the employee can easily cancel through “My Requests” or through Virtual Agent.

Reception can continue to track and update the status of the visitor registration throughout the course of the visit, whether the visitor is checking in or out from breaks or checking out for the day. Additionally, reception can mark visitors as no-shows if they do not show up.

Visitor Reception Dashboard

The Visitor Reception Dashboard provides a real-time overview of all visitor registrations. It allows organizations to track the number of expected visitors on a given day, or more specifically, the number of expected visitors per hour. In addition to providing a high-level overview, the dashboard allows users to view numerous reports that further break down the visitor data, from the number of visitors on the premises, to the number of expected visitors who have cancelled today.

These reports provide the organization with key details about each visitor, such as name, organization, location, expected arrival and departure times, actual arrival and departure times, and any break times.