IntegrityBit: Workplace Reservation Management

Workplace Service Delivery  |  Workplace Reservation Management
By: Philmon Woldeghiorghis
What is Workplace Reservation Management?

ServiceNow’s Workplace Reservation Management application provides a convenient, intuitive way for employees to reserve workplace services and amenities such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, etc., directly from the Service Portal. This reservation process enhances businesses by boosting productivity, providing a connected work environment, and increasing efficiency – all achieved by delivering meaningful workplace experiences.

Capabilities – The Benefits of Workplace Reservation Management

With Workplace Reservation Management, employees can:

  • Search for, reserve, and check-in to workspaces within their organization.
  • Create reservations natively within Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.
  • Indicate privacy preferences when creating a reservation.
  • Generate links for hybrid meetings using providers such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Invite attendees or visitors to a reservation.
  • Sync their reservation details and schedule recurrent events.
  • Generate and share URLs linked to a specific space within the Location Directory.
  • Request Workplace Services (room configurations, catering, etc.)
  • Create reservations across multiple buildings, campuses, or sites.
Making a Reservation

Employees are able to reserve a workplace or a workplace item in accordance with the reservation policies instated by their organization.  For example, in addition to reserving spaces for oneself, users may also be able to make a reservation on behalf of other employees. Before making a reservation, employees are prompted to enter their search criteria. Employees can then review the list of available workplace items and check the availability of a workplace item they want to reserve using the Schedule view.  Users can apply filters to the search results based on Standard Services, Reservable Purposes, or Capacity. Multiple workplaces and workplace items may also be reserved in a single reservation, regardless of the time zone.

Managing Reservations

The Reservation Manager role allows some users to:

  • Manage reservations created by employees.
  • View, update, approve, or reject the reservations created by the employees based on their organization’s guidelines.
  • Generate reports to track reservation requests over time.
  • Add reservable purposes to a workplace item.
  • Assign spaces to an area.
  • Assign spaces to a neighborhood.

Enhancing the Reservation Experience with Calendar Synchronization

Employees have the ability to synchronize their own Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars with ServiceNow, allowing them to:

  • Create or update reservations in ServiceNow, directly in Outlook, or in Google Calendar.
  • Make multi-location reservations.
  • Check availability in ServiceNow, Outlook, or Google Calendar.
  • Find and review all their reservations in a single place.